Your biggest desires will become as simple as picking up a cup of coffee

If you use the secret "it is done" formula

Your biggest desires will become as simple as picking up a cup of coffee

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When you go buy coffee you never think they will be out of coffee.

You never think what if I crash on the way.

Your coffee is guaranteed so long as you pick it up It's not a big deal.

When your biggest desires feel this way, consider them guaranteed.

"Amen" means "it is done".

Hoping & wishing is not belief, it's begging.

BELIEF is that same feeling as getting the coffee.

The moment you crave it... "it is done".

You don't EVER worry about it not being done.

Really think about this for a moment.

Technically there is no guarantee. They could be closed for renovation. There could be construction and a closed road. There might be traffic or a long line ...

Such thoughts NEVER cross the mind.

You just go get your coffee... you don't put too much thought into it.

It is so obvious, easy, guaranteed the moment you crave it

  1. "it is done"
  2. just go pick it up.

If you can feel this same way towards your biggest aspirations – The same subtle "it is done" feeling – It could all be as simple as just 'picking it up'.

It's already there waiting for you.

All my wins had 1 thing in common:

The "it is done" feeling I knew for 100% absolute solid FACT if I did 'x' thing I would make $20,000/month.

It was not a matter of IF but WHEN.

All I had to do was 'go pick it up'.

It wasn't a 'technique' or 'affirmations' or some hack – fk the hack, the hack is wack – It was GENUINE 100% TRUE BELIEF.

Try to think back to moments in your life where the "it is done" feeling was there.

Did someone have a crush on you? They did not quite articulate it, it technically wasn't guaranteed but you just KNEW for a absolute solid FACT that they were crushing.

This is the key to the entire thing The FEELING...

The specifics and details consider that as:

  • How many people are in line at the coffee shop
  • How much traffic there is
  • How many red lights you hit
  • How close of a parking spot you get
  • THE SPECIFICS you figure out on the FLY

This is the key to the ENTIRE THING.

You don't know the EXACT parking space, you know the parking lot, you have clarity of the WHERE and the HOW but the EXACT specifics don't matter too much the FEELING of "it is done" "i am going to get coffee" is the driver of 'picking it up'.

Take a snapshot of previous "it is done" feelings.

Notice it's not some huge hype motivational feeling. It's a subtle interest or desire.

This means you BELONG. It is not a big deal to you, which means you belong.

Big Deal = You don't belong, it's not normal for you.

The "it is done" feeling.

It's not a big deal.

You don't hope or wish
You belong & deserve it

The specifics space is not required just the parking lot.

Thank you for reading

P.S.: If someone tells you to go to the ‘best coffee shop in town’ you get in your car and go there...

And there is nothing there is it your fault? Partly.

It’s their fault because they’re an idiot.

It’s partly your fault because you couldn’t tell they were an idiot.

A BS detector is essential.

The way you get 100% clarity to get to the parking lot is to listen to people who know what they’re talking about

The right strategy is what gives you that clarity.

You won’t get the right strategy listening to the wrong people that in itself might be another thread.

A BS detector is needed.

Build the right strategy & get that clarity.

That first win is what forever changes belief.

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