Why Your Stories Suck

There are six steps for telling a story in a way that will make people listen. @ScottAdamsSays came up with them, and man they're good (and Tweet worthy).

Why Your Stories Suck

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I don't care how boring you think your life is, you can craft a story out of anything If you prepare it first, that is. The key to good storytelling is preparation.

You can't speak confidently if you don't have anything to say.

1. Setup

When you tell a story, you become the center of attention.

People won't give you a lot of it so you need to keep it brief.

A good setup has one or two sentences at most.

"So I went to this barbershop one time..."

That's perfect. No need to say where is it located.

2. Pattern

Pattern is something that repeats itself over and over.

"I usually keep my cool on these scenarios..."

Because you're telling a story, it's implied that the pattern will be broken.

3. Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing is leaving clues about where the story is going.

"So I'm walking down this creek and I can't see anything. I usually carry a flashlight with me but I left it at home."

Oh my, what's gonna happen?

Again, no reason to explain why.

4. Characters

Characters make up a good story if they're not characters alone.

You need to add some brief personality trait, give them an idea of how they will contribute.

"I'm going out with my Jack, who only has an eye for women, beer and football"

Now you know Jack.

5. Relatability

Remember people care mostly about themselves, so choose a topic they will care about.

Everything can be put into a story, yes.

But you'll have a better response if you talk about Florida weather with your fellow Floridians than about math.

Keep it relatable.

6. The Twist

A story without a twist is just a narrative of your day.

Give it a twist to break the pattern you already set up.

Make it fun, too.

People won't have fun if you're not.

Thanks for reading!

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