The Power of Unfair Advantages in Business

Big mistake noobs make: Avoid this at all costs.

The Power of Unfair Advantages in Business

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Everyone focuses on skills (better copy and funnels, etc.), tricks that can 2x or 3x your results... Because these are sexy magic pill solutions but they ignore the bigger picture.

For instance, changing your offer.

Or changing the idea of your business entirely.

If you’re running a weight loss business and the hot trend is keto but you’re selling juice cleanses... You’re swimming upstream.

There’s a ceiling on your growth.

Think about it like this...

The fact that there’s a “trend” means millions of people are already sold on the idea. They’re interested and primed to buy.

It’s like hoping on a wave moving in the direction you want to go.

Sure, there’s still some audience for juice cleanses.

A small core audience.

But... It’s like fishing in the ocean versus a local pond.

Opportunity for scale is massively constrained.

You take the same “level” of marketer and their output has vastly different results in each scenario.

You spend the same time/effort tweaking to find the right headline.

And... You get completely different results.

The best is when you can apply this to the foundation of a business. You shift the angle, big idea, mechanism, target audience...or any similar “lever”... and you’re playing in the big leagues instead of fighting for scraps.

One of the early small businesses I started was selling blog content.

At the time, you could hire Indians at like $5/500 words to write shit content.

I framed it as high end, targeted business owners who wanted quality, and they paid $250+ for those same 500 words.

A 50x jump.

It was only *slightly* less shitty content.

Got my college roommate (english major) to help with the writing. Arbitrage.

But the point stands.

Most people are focused on little tricks and gimmicks that won’t move the needle.

Adding the “proof” social proof plugin to your sales page might give you a 5% boost.

But does that really help you?

Is that really going to help you scale on paid ads?

If you don’t have the right foundational idea/angle, probably not. Here’s one other cool example:

Bencivenga created an oil olive subscription.

While most bottles were sold as a commodity at the grocery store.

He sold direct online, with this crazy conspiracy angle.

About the mob being involved in olive oil production and needing to buy his to be safe/healthy.

How can guys selling a commodity compete with that? They can’t.

“But GT3 that’s just getting better at copy?! You said not to do that.”

No. It’s different. He didn’t “test headlines” to get that idea.

He launched with the Unfair Advantage of having a much better story/angle.

In a market where everyone else was selling “olive oil in a glass bottle.”

No differentiation. He turned a commodity into a life-saving subscription wrapped in an interesting, emotional story.

That’s a foundational shift. Not just “better copy.”

It really comes down to Unfair Advantages.

I’m not the first to say that.

But it’s now what I base 99% of my decisions around. Anytime a new biz idea comes up...all I’m looking for are Unfair Advantages.

How can I put in 1 unit of effort and get out 1000?

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