The 16 Principles of Human Psychology to Sell Anything to Anyone

Warning: in the wrong hands these methods may be dangerous. Please use them with integrity.

The 16 Principles of Human Psychology to Sell Anything to Anyone

a thread by @FrazzleDazzzled, make sure to follow him

1. We want what others have.

We see people living glamorous lives on tv.

This creates a void in the consumer, as they feel like they need these things to be happy.

If you can prove your product fills that void & helps one gain what the masses want? You will buy oue product.

2. We want what others want.

This is very similar to number one but with a few key for differences. We are social creatures.

There are two ways that we will learn something: either through first-hand experience, or through secondhand experience.

For example, Jim Jones convinced hundreds of people to drink kool aid, thus killing them selves.

But they never drank the kool aid to commit suicide, they drank it to get to the next level.

This is the basic premise of social conditioning. They looked at the crowd. They acted.

My point: we are wired to want what others want, it is a survival instinct.

Use this to your advantage in marketing by using elements of social proof, testimonials, and prove there is a hunger or desire or a stampede for your product or service.

One sheep move, the herd follows.

3. People are lazy and will put off decisions.

Because you only have a limited amount of energy.

We are always looking for easier ways to do things.

Help consumer get something fast, they will buy.

But because they put off things? Always have strict deadlines for campaigns.

4. We are motivated by greed and self interest.

We want what's best for us, first.

No one gives a shit who you are, they only care about you in the context of what you can do for them.

Exploit this by finding out what they want, and giving it to them.

5. We have low self-esteem and we are motivated by sneaking one over the next man.

We are insecure, thus hate seeing people do better than us, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get one up on them.

Make your product that secret way to get one up on ppl, and profit.

6. We are easily swayed by the opinions of others.

We give up authority to other people, because it's easier than to stand on our own.

This is because we do not usually have a solid sense of who we are.

We unconsciously give up our power to those with a stronger sense of self.

Even if what they're saying is complete BS.

In your marketing, as long as you sound sure of yourself, more sure of yourself than they are sure of themselves, then you will influence them to your beliefs.

This is why psychopaths are typically the finest cult leaders.

7. We secretly want to be led

Understanding that most people give up who they are and their beliefs to anyone who sound sure of himself, if you position your business is a movement or omission, the people can get behind…

You will win over the person simply "selling a product".

8. Authority.

And because we give up our power to others, we will especially give up our power to people who are sure.

You can see how these tie into each other, and how understanding this about people will allow you to craft better more persuasive marketing.

9. Anchoring.

Ever heard of Pavlov the Dog?

Scientists would ring a bell, then feed the dog.

After a while? They would ring the bell and Pavlov would salivate effortlessly.

This is called anchoring.

You can condition your consumers the same. And it works like magic.

10. Most people hate to be wrong.

You never change someone’s mind by telling them they are wrong.

In BJJ you use their weight and momentum, & energy to agree with, that is aligned with the trajectory they are currently moving on, and use it to direct them where you want to go.

11. We are dying for the approval of others and desperately care about what other people think of them

Caring what people think, or needing the approval of other people in order to be okay with yourself is the most damaging thing that you can do in your life.

But this is a marketing foundations manual.

Understanding that people need approval, even though I don't agree with it, means that if you can show in your marketing / in your advertising, that buying your product or service means approval to them from those around them, they will buy.

12. People are ADDICTS

Ppl no longer buy for survival, but buy to fill the void.

This means they are typically in a constant state of self loathing.

In fact, a lot of what the majority of us do relies on people in that self-loathing mode in order to get them to buy more of it.

  • Just one more purse and your wardrobe will be complete.
  • Just one more win for your favourite team and they’ll make it to the semi-finals.
  • Just one more 1 ounce bag of chips and your hunger will go away.
  • Just one more prank video and you’ll have laughed enough.
  • ...

Harsh, but reality.

13. What’s personal is general

You aren’t as special as you think you are @Cernovich follows this rule incredibly.

He writes about psychedelics (most avoid this.)

He doesn’t, and his ppl bond with him over it.

Remember this when writing to your audience to create DEEP bonding.

14. People want to feel special

People don’t feel respected, most of them are broken, lost, and looking for answers.

Speak greater vision into them then they see for themselves, and make them feel special and they will love you forever. This is how you create LOYALTY.

15. People want to be ENTERTAINED.

Who are  among the highest paid people in the world? Entertainers.

  • Be exciting.
  • Get their blood boiling.
  • Get their juices flowing.
  • Inspire.
  • Entertain.

This’ll separate you from ALL your competition.

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