Struggling to stick to your goals?

You MUST have 1 of these 3 elements, or else failure is certain

Struggling to stick to your goals?

a thread by @YousXP
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  • Consequence
  • Reward
  • Enjoyment

At least 1 is required to stick to something.

All 3 and you become unstoppable.

1. Consequence

No matter how much you didn’t like your job.

No matter how small the reward.

You’d show up consistently.

Because there was consequences of being fired, not earning a living.

Consequence has multiple forms.

For example when I was making YouTube videos thousands of people were expecting uploads.

To not upload would let those people down It also had the consequence of losing momentum at a peak.

2. Reward

No reward = massive struggle to do the work.

Because habit loop requires:

Trigger > Routine > Reward

I had amazing ideas for theme pages to start on YouTube/Instagram

But it was impossible to stick to...

There was no reward for months

No money coming in, not even social rewards of praise & appreciation AND no consequences.

So essentially weather I posted or not literally nothing good happen if I did.

Nothing bad would happen if I didn’t

This is why I recommend making money in another way then buying pages or making partner deals

But that’s a topic for another time

What I mean is something that can go ‘Live’ within a week or less.

Rewards & Conseqeuencss immediately gets you to stick to it

3. Enjoyment

The final element that breaks all the rules

If it’s something you’d be doing anyway and enjoy doing it you will do it

I make no money from Twitter and there is no consequences if I stop but what I share here is literally what I am doing anyway.

I am already writing these notes for myself All I did as add the simple & easy step of an extra 10 minutes to share it publicly.

Key point: it’s simple and easy.

If it was a massive hurdle like writing books I’d probably not do it or be as consistent.

Those are the 3 elements I noticed after reverse engineering every single one of my successes/failures.

At least 1 must always be present otherwise stagnation makes more sense in the mind.

Keep these factors in mind and see what tweaks you can make to incorporate them if you see yourself finding it hard to show up consistently

Thank you for reading

– Yous

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