Sales and copywriting lessons from "psychic" palm readers

Sales and copywriting lessons from "psychic" palm readers

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Super interesting.

Got a palm reading.

(Not my idea. I know it’s stupid af)

“Psychics” are basically experts at cold reading

Was interesting because their routine closely resembles a sales letter outline Lots of promises.

Tell you what you want to hear.

Then end with an upsell

They start with the #1 biggest fear of their customers (I’m assuming)

“You’re gonna live long into your 90’s. And you’ll die peacefully in your sleep.”

Then flatter you more by telling you your dreams will come true.

Which they figure out through subtle questions + cold reading

The upsell was fuckin’ ridiculous.

Single palm reading was $10.

Bitch wanted to “light 9 magical candles” to fix my chakras or some shit. $225.

Fuckkkk off.

Honestly, it’s funny because that’s the kind of shit I pull with one click upsells.

Taste of my own medicine, eh?

Also thought it was interesting she knew to go into pain right before the upsell.

“Blah blah blah, financially and emotionally you’re doing great...but there’s a dark cloud over you spiritually and if you don’t fix this it’ll cause [problems].”

Then comes the CTA.

One other interesting thing.

Obviously, a lot of the cold reads were generic shit that work on any guy my age (similar desires).

But she got really close on an obscure one.

“You want to build an empire with your own business.”

Hadn’t mentioned anything about business to her.

So either I’m:

A) Basic

B) Predictable

C) Not as unique as I like to think

D) All of the above

I don’t like any of those options. ... Fucking gypsies.

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