How to Win People Over While Being Yourself

Do you ever wonder how you can be more likable? You can start today... I’ve sold $10MM+ enterprise accounts. Winning people over was part of my job. Here’s what I learned…

How to Win People Over While Being Yourself

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Think about yourself only 90% of the time…

  • Most people think of themselves 99.9% of the time
  • Reduce that by 10%...
  • People will find you unbelievably charming
  • Be present. Focus!

Emanate enthusiasm and confidence!

  • Do you like being around downers?
  • Neither does anyone else...
  • If you’re positive and enthusiastic, people want IN

Connect and Listen

  • Use a person's nam
  • Ask questions…
  • But listen deeply, don’t just blurt out your next thought

A fundamental human want is to feel valued, appreciated, and important.

When you're confident (which you are) you help other people feel those things.

Be polite and respectful…

  • This doesn’t mean you can’t be assertive
  • Never talk down to anyone
  • Everyone thinks mean people suck
  • Don’t be that person

Give authentic compliments

Kids get compliments all the time...

  • As people get older, real compliments dwindle
  • A genuine compliment can make someone’s week
  • It can be about anything
  • The only criteria is it needs to be sincere


“When you greet people with a smile, you’ll have a good time meeting them.” – Dale Carnegie
  • Smiling is the easiest way to be likable.
  • And it’ll make you feel better too.
  • Make it sincere. Make it real. Have fun.


This advice is a good baseline.

There are specific instances where you should use a different approach.

For example, dealing with a hyper alpha.

But for 90% of your interactions... This advice will make you MAGNETIC.

That's all friends.

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