How to Rig the Game in Your Favor

The game is rigged to those who control the rules. You have to become someone who can operate at maximum efficiency regardless of what the rules are. This applies to travel, business, and life - ESPECIALLY in the world we’re currently living in. Here’s how you do it:

How to Rig the Game in Your Favor

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Understanding the game is rigged against you from the start no matter if you were born rich or poor, is the first step.

Born rich? Everyone’s trying to take as much money as possible from you at all times.

Born poor? Everyone’s trying to step on you like a roach 24/7.

Second, you need a PLAN.

Sure, plans change - but begin with the end in mind.

You want to drive a Ferrari, have a penthouse, and date models? Good start.

Your plan and goals will change, but you don’t want to deviate from the plan at the beginning.

Third - we start to REVERSE ENGINEER.

This is what I attribute literally ALL of my success to.

Take your plan at the end. What your life looks like and what it’ll require.

Work Backwards.

How much money does this plan require?

$300K for the Rari and $7000/m  for the crib.

Let’s say you need $20,000 a month for this plan.

Ask yourself how you can make $20K NET for this.

No skills? Figure out who’s got them and get some yourself. Find a mentor who’s a couple steps ahead of you.

Look at other’s business models, work backwards, apply it to YOU.

By doing this, especially if you have nothing to lose, you will begin to CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for yourself.

But in order to do this you have to detach from that little voice in your mind that’s holding you back from everything you’ve ever wanted.

Stop caring what losers think.

Fourth, understand that 24 hours is enough to do everything you need to do on a day to day basis.

99.99% of you waste your time.

  • Video games.
  • Youtube.
  • TikTok.
  • Twitter.
  • Netflix.

Negative self talk used in the right way is an incredibly powerful thing.

I can train an hour a day 6 days per week, make sales calls 8-10 hours a day, eat right, booze, and party/date girls all in this 24 hours.

You’ve got the same, and you’re wasting it more than you think.

Fifth, move with extreme urgency.

When I started my company last year, I had a paying client with cash in the bank on the 2nd day.

Started Cashflow Syndicate - launched within 7 days of talking about the idea while traveling and moving to a new city.

Sixth - Be ready to move within a moment’s notice and find creative solutions.

Can’t travel to that country directly? Go in through another one.

In debt? Tell them you’re broke and pay pennies on the dollar.

Country going on lockdown? Leave with a duffel and sort it out.

In reality, these things are simple to do.

It’s a couple clicks on the computer and a few phone calls.

The reality is that most people are just scared of the rejection.

This is one of the first lessons I teach when teaching someone Sales. Every rejection gets you closer to Yes.

I ask you all - What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

And I guarantee for most, the answer wouldn’t be whatever the hell it is you’re doing now.

When I left my sales job to pursue starting my own company, sure, I was scared.

I was scared with 6 figures in the bank at 23.

A lot of you guys are late teens and early 20’s.

The truth is, you’re never going to feel ready.

But when you start, regardless of how you feel, that’s when you’re ready.

Ask yourself this:

Are you going to sit there and watch while people like me and my team/friends lap you?

Every second you waste, you’re getting circles ran around you by absolute killers.

You see @Lukealexxander riding around in a $130K C8 at 21. He was broke last year.

Or @MrOverpaid buying $100K in watches spending $6K a month in hotels in Dubai running around the world.

Or @ChrstianRicardo moving into a Miami loft running multiple companies while it looks like he just parties.

And @CardinalMason was serving salads and working in McDonalds a year and a half ago. This year we’re laying the foundation to build an Empire.

Along with other guys like @messner_joshua @alexh459 @andrehaykaljr @blackhatwizardd and whoever else I forgot to add.

You can feel their energy - through the phone. In person. On Twitter.

They’ve got more than you and they’re using it better as well.

One more question…

When are you going to start living your life?

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