How to Get Super Sleep

Do you wake up in the morning with the sun as if you've been recharged by Zeus himself? If not, you probably need to update/improve your sleep hygiene. This is the biggest HACK there is to improving overall health, musculature and wellbeing.

How to Get Super Sleep

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Being able to sleep well is a huge advantage in life!

Sleep is the most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day.

Don't try and do it all at once - pick one or two of these habits and try to incorporate at a time, so they stick! Did you know? The average duration of the developed nation sleeper is now less than seven hours. Not enough!

Visit cultures that are untouched by electricity and you often see something rather different. Hunter-gatherer tribes sleep in a biphasic pattern. Both these groups take a similarly longer sleep period at night (seven to eight hours of time in bed, achieving about seven hours of sleep), followed by a thirty to sixty minute nap in the afternoon.

Very good if you can get this nap in - unfortunately modern world not helpful. When we do not practice biphasic sleep, our lives are shortened.

It is perhaps unsurprising that in the small enclaves of Greece where siestas still remain intact, such as the island of Ikaria, men are nearly four times as likely to reach the age of ninety as American males. As an athlete/bodybuilder, you really should be getting 9 hours of sleep consistently, 8 being the bare minimum. I do 9.30pm-6.30/7am. On weekends I'll do ten hours.

Remember! Muscles are made DURING SLEEP.


DYK? After ten days of just seven hours of sleep, the brain is as dysfunctional as it would be after going without sleep for twenty-four hours. First of all, remove all social programming of sleeping being 'lazy' or the 'sleep while you're dead' nonsense. This is shaming talk; good-quality sleep being productive and as important as working out. To identify a sleep deficiency:

  • If you didn’t set an alarm clock, would you wake up on time?
  • Do you find yourself re-reading things?
  • Can you function optimally before noon without caffeine?

🌞 Circadian Rhythm.

This determines wake and sleep times. Having regular consistent bed and wake times helps your body plan for sleep and fires the correct chemicals at the correct times.

Sticking to sunset to sunrise is natural and best for your body. Melatonin helps regulate the timing of sleep, but has little influence on actual sleep process.

Sleep pressure is caused by a buildup of Adenosine in your brain. This is the second factor that affects sleepiness.

🍲 Try and not eat large meals right before bed

Have small snacc to keep blood glucose high for brain repair (banana) but otherwise do the bulk of your eating throughout the day where you can process and digest before sleep.

Intermittent fasting synergises with this. πŸ₯€ Drink most of your liquids in the morning and early afternoon, scaling back your liquid intake two hours before bed.

A cup of camomile tea is fine, 2L water will have you dreaming of going to the toilet or waking up in the middle of the night, both bad outcomes for sleep.


Ensure your sleeping environment is as dark as possible. Throughout history there have been no sources of light other than fire once the sun goes down, so any light source in your room is picked up and processed by the eyes and brain (yes, even through the eyelids). I personally use the MZOO sleeping mask to ensure complete darkness. Bought off Amazon. Iz very comfortable.


The closer to complete quiet the better - I understand in today's modern world this is nigh on impossible - pickup some earplugs for a good way to eliminate a lot of the noise that usually can affect us.

πŸ’ͺ Sleep Drive

This is the natural sleep deficit that you create from doing things.

Have you ever noticed how tired you are after an all day hike, or moving house?

I bet you didn't need your sleep meds on those nights.

Takeaway? Make sure you're active.


I know this is going to be a big one for a lot of people, but part of the reason you feel so shit after a night out is because:

Alcohol is one of the most powerful suppressors of REM sleep that we know of. Not only does alcohol suppress sleep, but you're also staying out late because of it. Double no-no.

If you're regularly drinking, eliminating drinking (or at least reducing it) is truly one of the best ways to improve all aspects of your health, not just sleep.


Due to the half-life of caffeine, it is still present in your body long after you feel the effects, blocking the adenosine receptors that create sleep.

My rule is not to have any caffeine or similar stimulants past midday as a good rule of thumb.

Temperature change 🧊

Due to our temperature controlled climates, there is no signal in our environments now to tell our body to start the retiring for the night.

Usually the sun would set, temperature would drop and our body would prepare itself for sleep

Cold shower b4 bed!

No Blue Light in the Evenings πŸ’»

DYK? iPad reading delayed the rise of melatonin by up to three hours versus a normal book.

This translates to looking at your phone before bed too. This one has been done to death but it truly is one of the biggest factors in optimising sleep. No screens or harsh lights as the sun begins to set until bedtime. If you must (you shouldn't) then use a redlight filter on your phone or wear blue light blocking glasses.

Condition your brain 🧠

Only use your bed/bedroom for Sleeping and Sex. That's it. Don't lay in it watching netflix while you're chilling during the day.

This will condition your brain to become sleepy when it is introduced to its regular sleeping environment = better for sleep

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