How I went from $0 to 9 figures in six years

I’ve created ~70 or so offers in the last 6 years. Roughly 20 of them have been hits, the rest were duds. In this thread I’m going to show you the difference so you can model.

How I went from $0 to 9 figures in six years

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Pain beats pleasure.

There are two main drivers behind every buy (all offers will fall categorically into these two emotions)

  • PAIN (avoid/escape)
  • PLEASURE (achieve/win)

The best kinds of offers integrate both, with a slight lean towards the former.

People will pay an exorbitant amount of money to FIX a current problem.

They will balk at the idea of preventing a problem for the same amount of money.

The multiple on solving pain VS achieving opportunity is massively skewed…

Things that hurt = hard to ignore.

Sell the outcome not the roadmap.

For some weird reason, the masses would rather just skip to the outcome and SKIP the process. This makes sense if you understand evolution…

Your ‘offer’ is the outcome not the roadmap (not templates, videos, or even access).

All of those things are DELIVERY/FULFILLMENT.

You will need to have this — but it’s not ultimately what people care about.

Speaking of delivery, revisit this image because there are two main kinds of delivery:

  • LABOR (do it for them)
  • INFO (teach them to do it)

Start small then go big (market).

This is about SEQUENCE. Your offer is much more likely to HIT if it’s dialed into a niched, targeted subset of humans.

Eugene Schwartz figured this out and later validated it with levels of sophistication. There are three big niches…

Psychographic niching:


But don’t stop there… go a level beneath.


Learning how to niche into the sub-niche will give you extra firepower… not all health & wellness customers want the same thing.

The tighter you can go on both types of targeting the more likely your offer is to make it.


“Help chiropractors systematize their practice to double retention & maximize LTV.”

Big niche: Wealth
Sub niche: Problem: get more patients

Market to the GROUP, sell to the INDIVIDUAL

Health (group), Wealth (group), Relationships (group)… these ppl flock together with varying degrees of cohesion (based on sub niche).

The best marketing systems hit (generally) pain/pleasure then sell (customized) info/labor.

Win QUICKLY, then sell the byproduct of success

Remember ppl are emotional and it’s important for them to FEEL good when buying from you… this requires some front loaded effort on your part.

Sell the future solutions to future problems on day 1.

Remember — ppl are buying because they want to (a) escape something and (b) achieve something… what happens when they accomplish this?


Your market saturation grows in proportion to your ability to sell FUTURE PROBLEMS while fixing the first problem.

This is a form of future pacing and it is morally appropriate.

Why? Because if you’re selling anything with info, you NEED people to commit to implement… there is no better way to do this than future pacing them to pre-commit to solving future problems.

Chiropractor example again: The offer helps maximize LTV by doubling retention… then what happens?

Efficiencies decrease due to roster being maxed. Now the staff needs trained to get MORE patients through.

Sell that as a bonus of the first offer and your rates DOUBLE.

Use blinders, your customer is all that matters It is urgently important that you obsess over your customers. Transactional businesses are dying. If you can’t deliver you will not make it.

The best take this VERY seriously:

Why Every Amazon Meeting Has at Least 1 Empty Chair
Three people, five people, 15 people? No matter what size the meeting, every Amazon event has one extra seat.

Price towards the top but not at THE TOP

Varying schools of thought here… I tend to skew towards the top but not AT the top?

The world is changing and 2nd most expensive is just as powerful in ethos as MOST expensive but — offers you a Rational advantage when anchoring…

This represents a shift away from the Dan Kennedy model of pricing (be the most expensive or the absolutely cheapest).

We are seeing advantage to being top end but not the literal most expensive - via efficiencies & systems, able to pass some savings to the customer.

Momentum is ENERGY

Warning! Once you get an offer working — go ahead and start working on iterating… Gary Halbert said the most important ingredient in good marketing is curiosity (something NEW).

This is important but not urgent — but it will be urgent if not prioritized.

That’s all for now…

We are selling a couple hundred products a day and the plan is to scale ;)

If you found this valuable please share it and give @taylorawelch a follow - there are 6 more threads coming and you’ll want them!

Happy selling!

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