How I was able to make ~$15,000 per month in profit from only one client while "working" 1–2 hours per day

One of the best kept secrets of online business.

How I was able to make ~$15,000 per month in profit from only one client while "working" 1–2 hours per day

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For those of you who've been following me since 2018, you'll know that I grew my follower count through sharing my insights around branding.

I was a part of "Ecom Twitter," teaching people how to sell products by generating powerful emotions and targeting hyper-specific niches.

However at the beginning of this year, I underwent a major paradigm shift, realizing that ecommerce wasn't in alignment with my current long-term vision after months of introspective soul searching.

It was a promising hustle, but it wasn't scratching my inner itch.

I could honestly write an essay on how I came to this conclusion, but long story short, it just didn't allow me to do what I naturally love.

And what I naturally love, and have always loved, is educating, mentoring, and connecting with people on a more personal, intimate level.

Coming to this conclusion was no overnight feat, but rather the result of being curious about the world of sales.

Previously, I would've never considered sales to be a viable option for me.

I was conditioned to believe that selling was inherently manipulative and slimy.

But after a bunch of research, my perspective changed.

No longer did I view sales as a way to swindle people through Wolf of Wall Street tactics.

Now, I viewed it as a way to help people actualize their deepest desires through honest, genuine, and vulnerable conversations.

What I used to think was a, "Hey, let me bother you" was now a, "Hey, I understand your pain. I've wrestled with those exact emotions before. I'd love to help you overcome those barriers."

This was no different from what I did for my family and friends when they needed my help.

Plus, I could also make big "ecom money" without worrying about low profit margins or navigating a bunch of logistical issues on the back-end.

Singular focus on a powerful skill without a multitude of simultaneously moving parts.

Just give me a phone and I'll do my thing.

And that's exactly what I did.

So keep reading, and I'll tell you how you can do it too, even if you have no prior experience, credentials, or knowledge about how to sell.

I present to you: High-ticket online sales

In a nutshell, a high-ticket sale is simply selling something that's subjectively considered to be high-priced.

A car, house, yacht, etc.

Anything that takes longer to close, usually involving a few follow ups over a span of days or weeks, rather than a single website click.

But since we're all internet-savvy, we know that a high-ticket sale isn't just restricted to physical items.

Courses, programs, mentorships, etc.

These are all digital items that can be priced at $3k, $10k, $25k and above.

So in the same way that a car salesman would sell a car on behalf of a dealership and collect a commission, a "high-ticket closer" would sell a course on behalf of an influencer, content creator, etc. and also collect a commission.

The latter is the realm I play in.

Thus, this leads us to

Step 1:

Find a trustworthy, reputable influencer or content creator with a sizable online following that offers a high-ticket course or program and is active on a popular internet medium (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

For instance, let's say you found a content creator in the career development niche with 100k YouTube subscribers and 250k Instagram followers that offers a $3k program on how to land your dream job.

A passionate audience, solid engagement, etc.

Step 2:

Reach out to them with your value proposition.

On a high level, you'd be telling them that you can help them close significantly more sales of their program on autopilot with no additional work on their part.

This is music to their ears.

In their minds, they're thinking,

"Wow, so you're saying you can get me more sales, but I don't have to do anything extra? You're going to just take care of it while I continue living my life?"

Yes, and this is how you "take care of it."

Have the content creator continue promoting the link to their program through social media (ex. "link in description" or "swipe up") as they've always been doing, but now the link won't be directing their audience to a "buy now" page.

Instead, the link will direct their audience to an "application" page where they'll be filling out their contact info, monthly budget, etc. to see if they'd qualify as a "good fit" or not for the program.

All applicants will be populated into a Google Sheet, which you'll manage.

Step 3:

Start closing sales.

Now that you have access to this spreadsheet, it's your job to text or email every qualified applicant to have them set up a 15 minute call with you through a Calendly link that you'd include in your message.

This can be automated.

If the content creator you're working with is popular, reputable, and has an engaged audience, you should honestly be seeing over a hundred applicants pour in every week, and be taking anywhere from 5–10 calls on most days.

Now, here's the fun part.

Because the link to the program directs to an "application" page, prospects no longer feel like they're being sold to.

Suddenly, they feel like they're just trying to learn more about what the program entails and whether they might qualify.

"Should I buy this?" (pressure) turns into "I wonder if this is a good fit for me" (curiosity).

Convincing prospects turns into having them convince you!

So instead of "hard selling," all you're doing now is letting them do all of the talking while you sit back and listen.

Typically, they'll spill all of their problems to you.

"I want to switch careers, but I don't know where to start. I think there's too much competition. I apply to a bunch of jobs every day, but I get no replies."

Meanwhile, you're taking mental notes.

After you've mentally acknowledged their problems, all you have to do is solve them.

"I totally understand and have been in your shoes. I definitely think this program will be able to help in X, Y, and Z ways to tackle A and B concerns of yours. Let me tell you a little more."

Hear a problem? Solve it.

Hear another problem? Solve it.

By the end of the call, they should be fully sold on the program if you were able to actually understand their pain points and make a genuine connection with them.

If not, you'd simply add them to a "follow up" list and reach back out to them once every week or so and start up another conversation.

"Hey, just checking in! I wanted to share an awesome article I found that I think you'd enjoy."

Casual and light, just like a friendship.

Once you get the green light, you get their card info and enroll them into the program.

And like I mentioned earlier, for every prospect you close, you get commission for the sale, which can range from 15%-25% depending on the agreement you and the content creator established.

To use myself as an example, I did this with a content creator who had a $3k program.

We structured an agreement where I received $800 commission on every sale.

  • 5–8 15 minute calls per day.
  • 15–20 extra prospects closed per month.
  • ~$15k per month in profit for me.

Before me, this content creator generated ~$20k last month in sales by sending his audience to a "buy now" page.

With me, the content creator generated ~$60k the very next month in sales, and all it really took was directing the link to the program to the "application" page.

Assuming he continued growing his subscribers and followers every month on various social media channels through putting out content, more applicants would be coming in, which means more calls to set up, more prospects to close, and even more money to be made.

In fact, I recently made ~$14k in a week for a "one-time offer" promotion that was broadcasted to the content creator's audience.

And I only "worked" ~5 hours that week.

This isn't the norm, but it just shows the sheer amount of potential there is in the online space.

Now, imagine if you were able to do this for 3, 5, etc. clients.

You could literally be making $50k+ per month assuming you work with people of similar popularity, audience size, program price, etc.

At that level of scale, you'd then look to hire a team to help close for you.

Even if you worked with a "smaller" content creator or sold a course priced in the $1k range, you'd still be able to make at least $5k per month.

All this, "working" significantly less hours than a 9–5 while you have fun conversations with people throughout the day.

For example, I'd wake up and take my first set of calls while sipping my morning coffee.

Work out, eat lunch, etc.

Then take another set of calls on a long walk outside.

The rest of the day is spent however I want (working on business more, reading, finding new music, etc.).

You get to do what you do best, and the content creators get to do what they do best, focusing on growing their brand, making videos, etc.

They're usually not salespeople or copywriters, which is why you're a godsend.

You're making sure they're not leaving money on the table.

As another example, I know a guy who closes sales for a major influencer that offers a few different programs (ranging from $1k-$20k).

He's making $10k per week from commission.

One client, and just a few hours out of his day. This could seriously be any of us.

At the end of the day, if this is something you'd want to get into, it's imperative to not let the money be your primary motivation.

You'll start implementing manipulative tactics, put your interests over those of your prospects, and hurt a lot of people along the way.

Get into high-ticket online sales if you truly want to help people squash their limiting beliefs and guide them towards a potentially life changing decision through your words.

I'm telling you right now, you won't last if there's any other reason.

Personally, I find it very fulfilling to hear a prospect tell you that he's stoked or that she can't wait to make a change.

Because a few years ago, I was in their shoes.

What this corner of Twitter did for me is essentially what I'm doing for others, just through a new medium.

I've said enough, so I'll end it here.

The only thing stopping you from capitalizing on big opportunities are the conditioned beliefs you unknowingly carry.

Selling? Vibing with people.

Working? Having fun.

Why? Why not.

I can't? I can.

Your assumptions create your reality.

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